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This article is about the d20 tabletop roleplaying game. For the shooter video game, click here.

Dark Horizons Lore
Publishing Date Spring, 2006
Publisher MGT Press

Dark Horizons Lore is a tabletop roleplaying game, using the 'd20 Modern Roleplaying system', released in the Spring of 2006, and published by MGT Press. It is a direct adaptation of the video game Dark Horizons Lore.


Dark Horizons Lore uses the rules in the "d20 Modern Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook" and it uses "d20 Future" as the foundation for play. All rules given in the Dark Horizons Lore d20 book are exceptions or additions to the rules in those guides. Mechanized Assault Vehicles are treated as a blend of Vehicles and "d20 Future" Mecha.



The game is set in the year 2163. Caused by a nuclear attack on the United States, back in 2010, the Federated States and the Eastern Confederation are at war, for control over the North American sector, mainly the East Coast, now dubbed "No Man's Land". Due to the high levels of nuclear energy, caused by the nuclear attack, No Man's Land isn't suited for manned operations, so instead - the factions use giant, remote-controlled mechs called MAVs (or Mechanized Assault Vehicles), instead. Players takes part in this war, by taking control of these MAVs in battle scenarios.